The song garden of Prussian Lithuanians, once wild and free in the life of the Aesti, Sambians, Natangians, and Scalovians, is today an oasis of the most precious rarities. For centuries, it seemed attractive or strange to passersby, and sometimes even to the locals. They either cherished it or sought to destroy it. The song garden of Prussian Lithuanians was destined to survive, continue to grow and blossom, and spread its bright flowers on the lips of folk singers and in programmes of folklore ensembles. Matured fruit are in the palms of your hands, dear visitor of the Song Garden of Prussian Lithuanians exhibition.

The exhibition is held on the occasion of the 12th International Folklore Festival Parbėg Laivelis, dedicated to the centenary of the Lithuanian State. You can see 9 stands chronologically presenting brief information about the vocal folklore legacy of Lithuania Minor familiarising you with the most famous song collectors, song book publishers, and folk singers – the most prominent gardeners of the Song Garden and their work.

At the bottom of each stand you will find a QR code, which you can scan with your mobile device and then enter the virtual song garden of Prussian Lithuanians. There you will find an expanded version of the exhibition featuring more textual and visual material.


Exhibition organiser: Klaipėda City Municipality Centre of Ethnic Culture

Author of texts: Assoc. Prof. Lina Petrošienė

Artist: Jūratė Bizauskienė

Year of creation: 2018