About us

Centre of Ethnic Culture of Municipality of Klaipeda was established on 1 April, 1991. Our mission is to foster the ethnic culture of Lithuania and to propagate traditions of the region both in Lithuania and abroad. This centre is one of major cultural centres of the city. People gather here on calendar holidays, old traditions characteristic to the coastal area are revived and promoted here, youngsters are taught traditional crafts and customs. The centre also arranges exhibitions, lectures, discussions, and other educational events.

17 employees work at Klaipeda Centre of Ethnic Culture. 6 art groups are under its roof. Two folklore troupes for adults Alka and Kursiu ainiai, a company of traditional instrumental music Senoliai and 3 children's folklore troupes Kursiukai, Alkiukai, Vorusnele rehearse here. Collectives are actively propagating the ethnic culture of the Klaipeda region in national and international festivals.

Every other year the Centre of Ethnic Culture of Municipality of Klaipeda organizes an international folklore festival Parbeg laivelis and a traditional international culture camp for children and youth Velungis.

Etnokultūros centras